COVID-19 FAQs for Adelaide Strikers Members


My details have changed since last season. How do I update my details?

Please email us at and we can update your details into our system.

Has the fixture for BBL|10 been confirmed?

It was orignially announced earlier in the year however, Cricket Australia stated on September 5 that as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, fixture changes could possibly eventuate. How this could look or impact upon Adelaide Strikers remain to be seen. When details are confirmed we will communicate with all of our members. 

When can I renew my Strikers Membership for BBL|10?

It is looking increasingly likely that the BBL|10 season will look unlike any other. What impact this has to memberships remains to be seen. Renewals would ordinarily open around August of each year however this has been delayed. We will contact you via email as soon as we have confirmation around the season and memberships for BBL|10. We will also update this on our website.

Why have renewals for BBL|10 been delayed?

The fixture and look of the BBL|10 season remains unconfirmed. Adelaide Strikers Membership deemed it prudent to await decisions by Cricket Australia before communicating anything out to members. 

Can I renew my same membership for BBL|10?

This will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Adelaide Strikers Membership will continue to monitor public health guidelines and how that could impact on BBL10 memberships. We will ensure to keep members updated when any additional information comes to light.

Can I renew into my same seat(s) for this season?

As a result of current social distancing guidelines we are working with the Adelaide Oval and regulatory bodies to confirm how seating will look for BBL10. Every effort will be made to ensure members can renew and be seated into their same seats, however the Adelaide Strikers will act in accordance with public health guidelines and at the direction of Adelaide Oval first and foremost. When details are confirmed members will be duly notified.

What happens if I can renew my membership but matches or my access to matches are later affected by COVID-19?

The Adelaide Strikers are working through these potential scenarios and will have a firm policy regarding situations where members may be potentially disadvantaged. This will be communicated and available to members prior to BBL10 renewal date.

Will I still receive a membership pack and card for access with my membership this year?

Physical membership packs and member cards will not be issued this year in accordance with current health guidelines and Adelaide Oval protocols. More information will be provided when renewal details are confirmed.

Will there be any payment plan options this season?

In BBL09 we enabled payment plans and allowed (4) fixed equal instalments for members to pay their membership. Based on current BBL10 assumptions and timings, we have enabled the Payment Plan option again this season however this has been revised down to a maximum of three (3) fixed equal installments. This is still subject to change and if applicable this will be communicated to members. 

When will memberships go on sale to new members for BBL10?

It is unlikely that memberships will be offered for sale to New Members given current challenges around crowd restrictions. Current members will be looked after first and foremost. We will post this on the website once the date is confirmed.

How much will memberships cost this season?

We are awaiting confirmation and approval on membership pricing based on potential changes to the BBL|10 fixture. You will be notified of the price of your membership via email.

When will tickets go on sale to the general public?

We don’t have a confirmed date for this yet. Keep an eye out on our website for more information.

Will crowds be allowed at the BBL this season?

We expect the answer to be yes. Things are looking positive as the SANFL and AFL season progresses and restricted crowds are being permitted access into Adelaide Oval to watch matches. We will continue to adapt to government and health requirements to allow our Strikers members the best chance to watch the BBL live this season.


As soon as we are able to confirm stadium capacity for the BBL season we will ensure our Strikers members are one of the first to know!

Will there be restrictions to crowds for BBL?

This is yet to be confirmed but it is highly likely that there will be. We are working through all possible scenarios so that we can get as many people to our matches as possible. Membership holders will be given priority before non-member General Public ticket holders.

Can I put my membership on hold?

It is our current position that memberships, if offered as per previous seasons will not be able to be put on hold.

If I cannot renew into my seat, do I lose my seat in future seasons?

If you are unable to renew into your seat due to restrictions put in place then you will be given the opportunity to renew your seat the following year. You will still need to renew your membership for the BBL10 season in order to be eligible to renew your seat in BBL11. 

Will there be any changes to how I access the venue?

We will communicate any changes to venue access in the lead up to the matches. Adelaide Oval will have all of this information available on their website so please be sure to check there for the latest information.


For any other queries please contact Adelaide Strikers Membership on 08 8300 3898 or email us at