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The Next Striker

The Next Striker

Experience the Big Bash like never before - through the eyes of an Adelaide Strikers recruit in virtual reality. 


Experience first hand what it's like to be THE NEXT STRIKER.

Part 1: The Opportunity

Part 2: Media Day and Training

Part 4: On the Road

Part 5: The Mistake 

Part 6: Head Up

*Remember, for the highest-quality viewing experience visit the Statewide Super activation zone before our next home match to watch the series in virtual reality! 


PART 1: The Opportunity 

The Strikers are selecting the final members of their squad. You keep working hard for your club, hoping for a call up to come.



PART 2 & 3: Media Day and Training

With no time to soak it in you’re thrown into the thick of it as a NEW Adelaide Striker. You get your gear, get through media day and finally attend your first press conference.



PART 4: On the Road

In the squad of 13, you travel to Perth with the team to take on the Scorchers. You see what life on the road as a professional cricketer is like.



PART 5 & 6: The Mistake and Head Up

Mistakes are hard to deal with but are as much a part of professional sport as the successes. With a word of encouragement from a former Australian coach, you look to turn it around.



PART 7: The Final Match

You’re recalled into the team. Now’s your chance to cement your spot.