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Meet Bluey - The Adelaide Strikers' Facebook Messenger bot

21 December 2018

Meet Bluey!

The Adelaide Strikers have launched a Facebook Messenger Bot for the first time to interact with fans throughout the KFC BBL|08 and rebel WBBL|04 seasons.

Bluey can provide fans with instant information on everything Strikers including player profiles, ticketing and membership details.

Users can also play an interactive mini-game and face the final over of a Big Bash match in a fun ‘choose your own adventure’ format.

Click here to connect with Bluey!

Bluey responds to basic commands and can provide a raft of useful information 24/7 - replacing many requests which often require a phone call or web search to solve. The bot will also learn to respond to more complex enquiries over time.

Bluey also has several ‘secret’ messages and random responses which can be triggered with the right commands, but users are recommended to follow the menu options to access the majority of features. Typing ‘menu’ or similar will load the main menu.

Meet Bluey!