Boats thanks Strikers fans

14 January 2013

Thanks to all our Striker fans who have supported us over the past eight matches in this season’s KFC T20 Big Bash League. To finish Thursday night in such a bad way is something we are all disappointed with, and is certainly not how we wanted to end this competition.

I don’t think our performance was a true reflection of our form this season. We went into the tournament very confident of our balance, and to have a good couple of wins early was great. Unfortunately we had two close losses – including the first home match against Brisbane Heat by one run – and that really hurt us. It meant the difference from being clearly in the top four, sitting ahead of the pack, or being where we were against the Perth Scorchers on Thursday – having to win the last game to get in. But at the end of the day, we can’t make excuses – we all worked hard, the coaching staff gave us a lot of information, and most of the time we were able to execute their game plans. Our last game, was simply a really bad time to have our worst game.

That said, the team is still confident and we had a long talk on Thursday night about how we can bounce back next year. We have several of the guys already confirmed, and Polly has mentioned that he is keen to come back, so that’s always good news for our fans. We’ll also have Andrew McDonald available next season – he sadly missed every match this year, but his all-round skills and leadership will be awesome for us next year. With him, and the other injured player, spinner Jon Holland, our Striker team will be ready to go.

Again, thanks for the support all year. The team has genuinely loved having the sea of blue at our home matches. We’ve also met lots of our fans during the season, particularly the kids who come to our clinics and line the boundary lines each match. We didn’t finish as we wanted, but don’t worry – the blue will bounce back in BBL|03.

Johan Botha

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